We usually see wearing shoes as a totally human thing, however, your dog might benefit from wearing shoes as well. Dogs have thick padding on their paws to prevent from injury, however, this padding cannot protect your dog from every sort of injury, and when your dog has been injured already, the wound might get infected. That is where dog shoes come in.

Why shoes?

Dog shoes can protect injured paws because they keep the wound dry, so it cannot get infected. Besides, dog shoes can keep bandages in place so your dog cannot lick or touch the wound. This reduces the chances of infection. Dog shoes also provide extra padding to keep your dog safe.

Besides already injured paws, dog shoes can also prevent injury. Especially if you live in an area with uneven and rough terrain, it is advisable to let your dog wear dog shoes because there may be stones and objects with rough edges that can cut through the paw’s padding. Additionally, there are dog shoes especially designed for summer to keep your dog from getting their paw’s burned on hot pavements and other surfaces.

Sorts of dog shoes

As mentioned already, there are dog shoes specifically designed for summer. It is not surprising that dog shoes designed for winter exist too. These are designed to let your dog walk comfortably through ice and snow. These snow boots are well isolated, so your dog stays warm during walks in the cold. Additionally, some dog shoes are designed to wear inside, others are just to wear outside. Some shoes come in different colours or have cute accessories.

How to make a choice?

Now you know what kind of dog shoes are in circulation, but it still can be hard to choose the right shoe for your dog. To make the right decision, you should always get the correct size. Besides, you have to think about what you will be using the shoes for and where you will be using them. If you want to take your dog for a long walk in the snow, you better not buy dog shoes that are specifically designed to use inside. Additionally, if your dog has been injured or has a chronic health condition, you should pick a shoe that has the right support for your dog’s specific situation. Finally, for some dogs, it is more comfortable to wear socks in their shoes, just like most humans, so make sure you check them out too.