As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. But sometimes it can be hard to figure out what exactly your dog or cat wants to do during the day. Luckily for you, this list of my top ten interactive toys will help solve that problem! These toys will make sure that Fido gets plenty of exercise and stimulation, so he doesn’t get bored or start chewing on furniture or shoes (or worse).

Interactive toys

Interactive toys are the best way to keep your pet entertained, but you must keep a few things in mind when buying them. First and foremost, make sure that your pet will enjoy playing with the toy. If you have a cat or dog that likes to chase balls, then getting them an automatic ball launcher might be perfect. However, if your cat prefers sleeping on top of his food bowl all day (like mine does), then it’s probably not worth buying him something like this!

Second: safety! Make sure nothing breaks off easily from any interactive toys you get for your furry friend this could hurt him if swallowed by accident later down the line. Thirdly: durability matters too! The last thing anyone wants is for their beloved pet’s new favourite toy become unusable after only one use because it broke apart into pieces after being chewed on by little teeth repeatedly throughout each day since purchase date two weeks ago today until now.

Balls and launchers

Ball launchers are great for dogs and cats alike. They can help keep your pet entertained, and they’ll give you a chance to exercise your pet.

Ball launchers are great for dogs because they get tired of playing fetch with their owner, but they don’t want to stop playing altogether! A ball launcher will let them run after their own ball without having to worry about chasing down a human who throws it haphazardly across the lawn or park (and then gets mad when the dog doesn’t bring it back).

Ball launchers are also good for cats because they allow felines with mobility issues an opportunity to play without having someone else throw something at them constantly. Cats usually don’t like being touched by humans unless there’s food involved so this type of toy gives them freedom from human contact while still allowing them some physical activity through chasing down objects themselves instead of relying on us doing all the work!

Squeaky toys

Squeaky toys are a great way to keep your cat entertained for hours. Cats love to play with and chase these toys, which can help with their well-being. Squeaky toys also provide an opportunity for you and your cat to bond, as they are sure to bring out their playful side!

Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are the best option for pets who enjoy playing with their owners. These types of toys encourage your pet to interact with you, which is great for bonding and training purposes.

Interactive dog toys include:

  • Kongs (available on Amazon) – Kongs are hollow rubber balls that can be filled with food or treats, making them the perfect boredom busters for dogs! It’s important that you choose the right size for your dog, so he doesn’t choke on it the larger ones are good if he likes chewing hard things like bones but if not then maybe go smaller? Either way they’re fun because they bounce around when thrown so there’s always something new happening!
  • Nylabones (available on Amazon) – These durable chew toys come in different shapes and sizes depending on what kind of bite strength your furry friend has you’ll want one made specifically for puppies first before graduating up as they get older so nothing gets broken off accidentally during playtime. Also great because no matter how much gnawing goes down during playtime there will still always be plenty left over afterwards too which means less waste overall.


Catnip is a perennial herb that has been used to stimulate cats for thousands of years. Cats can react in different ways to catnip; some will become very playful and energetic, while others display none of these behaviours at all. It’s important to note that not all cats respond to the effects of catnip some may even be completely unaffected by it!

You might be wondering how you can use this information when choosing a toy for your pet. The answer is simple: if you want something that will keep your kitty entertained for hours on end, consider getting them something with catnip inside! Cat toys made with organic dried bits of the herb are great options because they won’t cause any allergic reactions or digestive issues like other treats might do. Plus, they usually come in different textures (such as shredded paper) so there’s something new every time you give it another shot with your furry friend(s).

Treat Dispensing Toys

Treat dispensing toys are a great way to keep your pet entertained and engaged. Treat dispensing toys can be used for dogs and cats, as well as all sizes of dogs. These toys are also a great way to train your pet!

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are great for pets who like to solve problems. These types of toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they require your pet to manipulate small parts to get the treat out. For example, some puzzle toys will have several holes or compartments where treats can be hidden; your dog will need to use his sense of smell and puzzle-solving skills in order find them all!

Puzzle toys are also good for dogs who enjoy playing with their food they’ll have fun trying out new strategies as they search for hidden treats inside these challenging puzzles. Plus, if you’re looking for something that doubles as both entertainment and enrichment for your pooch (or cat), then this type of toy may be exactly what you’re looking for! You could even use it as an alternative way of dispensing medication; just add some prescription pills inside along with some wet food or dry kibble so that when they go searching through all those holes again next time around there’ll be no issue whatsoever!

The Best Interactive Pet Toy Ever

The best interactive pet toy ever is the one that keeps your pet interested and engaged for hours on end. You want a toy that can be used to play fetch, tug-of-war and hide and seek.

A great example of this would be the Chuckit! Ball Launcher, which allows you to throw balls further than you could by hand. It also has a spring-loaded launcher, so you don’t need any arm power at all! Plus, it comes with two balls so your dog can chase both at once and play fetch with only one ball if he wants (he probably will).


It is important to remember that your pet is a living being and needs to be treated well. That means giving them toys that will keep them active and entertained for hours. The best part about all these options is that they are affordable and easy to find! If you want an easy way to not spend money on expensive toys for your dog or cat, try buying them at because for an affordable price you can get the best toys for your pet.